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Queenstown Famil Day 3

After a fabulous nights sleep, we met for breakfast at the Clubhouse at Millbrook Resort. 

A quick site inspection and then it was off to Skippers Canyon with Skippers Canyon Jet in the biggest four wheel drive vehicle I've ever seen.  We drove on Skippers Canyon road which I note is listed on dangerous and apparently your rental car insurance won't be honoured if you drive in it.  Spectacular scenery, and a sheer drop on one side made it an exciting ride!  The road was carved out of a sheer rock face about 140 years ago for access to the gold areas.

We arrived at "the pipeline" which has a building which you can use for functions or conferences - it seems to be in the middle of nowhere - would be fabulous to drive them in on that road and then raft them out at the end of the session.

We were lucky enough then to go on a jet boat ride through skippers canyon - soooo cold but so much fun!


How to get back to the airport though?? By helicopter of course.  The Helicopter Line ( just happened by to pick us up and take us for some bubbles on Queenstown Hill.  Spectacular scenery is just everywhere you look in Queenstown.

From there to the airport for a lovely lunch provided by In2Food ( who can cater in any of the crazy places on offer in Queenstown.

Because we hadn't had enough to eat, from there into town for the iconic Ferg Burger.  So yummy!!  Should have waited until dinner though so I could eat more.

I think that Queenstown is a great destination for groups - so much to do, summer or winter.  While there is lots to do in the colder months,  I'm told that the daylight saving in summer makes for wonderful evening functions too.

From there to Auckland for more of Fabulous New Zealand!!


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