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ANPSG 14th Annual Australian National Parking Workshop 2010

When: 29 September -1 October 2010
Wrest Point Hotel, Hobart
Approx 100
Event Type:
association, parking, Council, managers, workshop

About the Event

Each year the ANPSG conducts the National Parking Workshop. The National Parking Workshop incorporates presentations from people within the industry, industry service providers, sponsors and guest presenters from Australia and overseas. The workshops are designed to be interactive, with a high degree of emphasis placed on presentations and information being provided for all levels of parking enforcement, from the Officer to the Manager.

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Some delegate feedback

“The conference and functions met all of my needs. I don't know how you can improve on that! This is the best value conference in Australia.”

“Keep up the standards that you show now / excellent customer service you have given.”

“I was extremely happy with the way the event was organised and executed. The information that I received was relevant and will be put to good use. The networking with other councils was probably the most important thing which could benefit myself and I could provide other information to these councils. Impressed with the way Hobart Council supported the event and their organisation as a whole, very proactive; something that many councils here should aspire to.”

“A big thank you Emma Tooth and Jasmine Russell from Iceberg Events for the set up and Happy Smiley Faces to greet you every day. A Great Job Well Done I think this has just lifted Tassie up further on the Parking Map, Well Done Matthew Tyrrell all the Group ANPSG and Hobart City Council."



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