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Healthcare Facilities Management Conference 2011

When: 19-22 October 2011
Hilton Adelaide, South Australia
Approx 250
Event Type: conference, trade exhibition, association, hospital, engineering

About the event

The Institute of Hospital Engineering Australia’s (IHEA) was formed almost 70 years ago, and has met collectively 61 times as a national body. The Conference provides opportunity for valuable exchange of ideas, celebrating successes and achievements and excellent networking opportunities with the ability to learn from and challenge each other. Our industry has some dedicated suppliers, valued consultants and many other stakeholders within our dynamic sphere.

This Conference in Adelaide will provide an opportunity to make new, or re-establish existing professional and personal relationships with peers who continue to rise to the challenge of an ever changing health-care environment.

This 62nd National Conference provides us with an ability to look towards all of the challenges of our business and to recognise and address the demographics and drivers which will continue to shape the industry.  We will cast our collective minds to ‘Strategies for Planning and Delivering Quality Healthcare Facilities’ and look forward to continuing to provide appropriate and cost effective solutions for the present and the future. We value continuous improvement and innovation and will keep providing the outcomes that the population demands of us now and into the future; as resources become more and more difficult to secure.

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