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Green Roofs Conference 2009

When: 23-25 Sept 2009
University of Melbourne
Approx 150
Event Type:
conference, association, green roofs, green walls

About the event

Green roofs and walls can make a unique contribution to the quality of our urban environment. Few technologies have ever had so much to offer by way of improving the health and well being of urban residents, while contributing to the development of restorative, high performance buildings.  Green Roofs Australia’s mission is to increase the awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roof & wall infrastructure, to advance and support its growth by the sharing of ideas and knowledge via research, development & education.

The Green Roofs Conference provided delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors with a unique opportunity to share, learn, network and have fun while being a part of a new industry, a new living architecture that integrates the living and non living into restorative and healing buildings.

Services provided by Iceberg Events

  • Event Management
  • Budgeting
  • Flights & Transfers Management
  • Accommodation Management
  • Speaker Management
  • Sponsor Package Design and Management
  • Administration
  • Registration Management
  • Conference Website and Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Graphic Design

Some delegate feedback

“So much more relevant than a conference centre would be, and the gardens were looking beautiful.”

“Great networking and fantastic and inspiring speakers.”

“Really helped to expand my knowledge of the field, the different work people are doing, the kinds of products available, and a basic technical understanding.”

“Authoritative and experienced speakers with a diversity of experiences and perspectives and areas of expertise and interest. Program well constructed and well run/managed.”

“[Registration process was] speedy and clear. Publication of attendees' list very useful.”

“I was always helped by Iceberg Events when I wanted it.”

“A most enjoyable conference - thank you for all the hard work!”



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