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Virtual & Hybrid Events

Even though we can’t wait to meet up in person again, there is still a need to deliver content to your members or staff.  Make no mistake – there is more to it than just setting up a Zoom meeting and turning on your webcam! There are things that work, and things that most definitely do not work in the on-line event environment.  We can help you to design an experience that will actually hold your audience’s attention.


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What is a Virtual or Hybrid Event?

In short, it’s content delivered virtually. A Hybrid Event could be a mixture of both virtual and in-person content delivery. This could be sessions delivered via video conference, facilitated virtual panel sessions, virtual networking sessions and much more.


Iceberg Events has facilitated the logistics of International Keynote sessions delivered via video conference, virtual panel sessions, virtual networking sessions and many more virtual elements for events. 

How does it work?

The delivery and facilitation of a Virtual or Hybrid Event depends on your content, your audience and the overall outcomes you want to achieve by running your event. The easiest way to determine if this is something we can help with is by contacting us to discuss. 

Below is a YouTube video of a Networx Event organised and facilitated by Iceberg Events. 

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Update from Iceberg Events


Due to COVID-19, Iceberg Events staff will be working remotely. We look forward to supporting our clients, attendees, sponsors, and suppliers via email and video teleconferencing. 

General enquiries can be directed to 

Some of our staff are taking advantage of the current situation by accessing rostered leave. Please be patient with us during this time.

We thank all of our valued suppliers, clients, friends and family for their support and words of positivity. 


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