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We manage events in places such as:

Conference & Event Management

Iceberg Events has a wide range of conference and administration services available which you can use in total or individually, depending on your needs. 

Outsourcing the event management is a great way to free up your staff's time and let you enjoy the event.  We will regularly communicate with you and give updates so you're not left in the dark.

The following are event services we offer:

  • Your event will have a Professional Conference Organiser to project manage the event from the beginning, prepare a budget and work within the timeline and manage requirements to ensure your event goes smoothly. 
  • Conference Program - assist with timings for sessions and social activities.  We will plan an unique program that suits you.
  • Sourcing Guest Speakers & Entertainment - we will come back to you with options and costings.
  • Trade Show and Exhibition - we can organise the packages, organise boothing and logistics.
  • Sponsorship Management - develop sponsorship packages and manage the sponsors through to ensuring the benefits are beling delivered. 
  • Delegate Management - receive and process via post, email, internet registration webpage and fax.  We will process payments either via credit card, cheque or direct deposit into your dedicated conference account.  We will also chase up bounced credit cards or outstanding payments. We will handle conference enquiries and assist in delegates special requirements or needs.
  • Conference database - setup and manage the Conference database, Iceberg Events has a multi-user license for the latest version of MIE Summit Event Manager - Pro (Conference & Event Management Software). 
  • Reporting - we can prepare delegate reports at your request at any time or at pre-arranged regular intervals.
  • Theming, decorations, or event styling options within your budget.
  • Audio visual requirements for speeches, speakers or entertainment. 
  • Conference website - set up and manage your event website with 256 bit encryption and SSL security for the online payment component. We can host your conference website for you (at minimal costs).  Alternatively, we setup a special domain name for your conference that we can maintain for you every year, with the ability to purchase the domain and website outright.  We look after the design and content management. Click here to view the Iceberg Events Demonstration event website, including an online registration form and call for abstracts portal.
  • Conference Blog - set up and give you the ability to maintain and post regular Blogs so that there is an open dialogue between you and the delegates.  This gives a great sense of community and interactivity with both sides of the parties. 
  • Design of Conference Registration Brochure.  We can do this in-house or use preferred supplier to organise hard copy brochures, or digital formats.
  • Attendance at planning meetings - face-to-face or via teleconference or Skype, Iceberg Events will keep you up to date on the progess.  We will go to wherever the meeting is located; alternatively, we have a meeting room at our office location which your committee is more than welcome to use as part of our event management service.
  • Delegate satchels - we can source and have them branded for you and arrange the packing and delivery to the conference venue.
  • Social Programs - we can include these within the conference package or keep it optional - we'll take care of the options and registrations.
  • Pre and Post Touring or Partner Programs - Iceberg Events can develop and publish a fully optioned pre and post touring program along with daily tour and activity options for accompanying persons
  • Event Photography - Iceberg Events can organise a Professional Photographer for the night, CD of photos, and help set up a Photo Gallery for you.  We can also organise a professional to film your event too.
  • Feedback Results and Final Report - Iceberg Events will provide a Final Report with Financials, Delegate Feedback Results, Event Debrief and much more.  This will be helpful for next time!

What types of conferences we look after:

Association, Franchises, Government, Education and more.

View our Conference & Events Portfolio.

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 As part of our professional event planning services, Iceberg Events also offers corporate travel and accommodation management.  Iceberg Travel is a licensed travel agent specialising in conference and group travel.  Our team of professional agents have coordinated a number of association and corporate events.

Some of the specific travel and accommodation services offered at Iceberg Events include online registration, transfers to and from the event, as well as travel and accommodation bookings.  With our comprehensive service, your employees, keynote speakers, delegates, sponsors and guests will arrive on time, at the right location.

We can help by:

  • Negotiating group travel rates for the staff or franchisees attending your meeting
  • Managing travel and transfer times to fit in with your program
  • Managing flights and transfers for your keynote speakers, delegates, sponsors or committee members
  • Offering a travel service to your guests via the conference website
  • Packaging registration, flights, accommodation and transfers for your delegates if requested, on one invoice.

Even if you are not using Iceberg Events to manage your conference, you may still need help with group travel and accommodation services. Iceberg Events will bring you one step closer to bringing your corporate or association event to life. For more information about our unique travel and accommodation services, call us on (07) 3876 4988 or fill out an enquiry form online.

Iceberg Travel... Go with the Floe.

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Online Registration

Iceberg Events has a wide range of conference and administration services available which you can use in total or individually, depending on your needs.  One of the fantastic services we can assist you with may be Internet or Online Registrations.

Click here to view the Iceberg Events Demonstration event website, including an online registration form and call for abstracts portal.

With our Internet Registration service, it is fully incorporated in our Conference and Event Management Database so it's all held in one place. We work closely with MIE Software to ensure the Internet Registration weblink is in good working order.

We've done Online Registrations for:

  • Everyone!  Conferences, events that require RSVPs (whereby you provide us a guest list), events that require no payments, events that require payment...
  • Online registrations as part of the conference website, or online registrations only (for sporting events).

As the Conference Organiser, we can provide the following internet registration / online registration services:

  • Organise a secure Online Registration weblink for your events to be set up and you will have full IT support.
  • Develop an easy to use Online Registration Form for people to register and make payment in approx 10-15 minutes.
  • 24 hour access to the Online Registrations - this means that your guests can register or RSVP during or after work hours.
  • Staffed office from 8.30am till 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Our staff (and their lovely phone manners) will handle all enquiries.  We'll have all the online registration in front of us or be able to get back to them as quickly as possible.
  • We still accept manual registrations! Although online registrations are very popular, all potential delegates and guests should have as many registration options as possible to them, so we still accept and process manual registrations by fax and post.  Where applicable, RSVPs by the phone are also accepted.  We think that's important! 

There are many benefits in letting us set up a secure internet registration webform:

  • Huge time savings on data entry. One of our clients was able to automatically accept and process more than 1000 registrations in a single morning.  (It was for a sporting event!).
  • No transcription errors. The delegates register themselves.
  • No more chasing incorrect credit card number and bouncing cheques. The delegate cannot register without their credit card being authorised and processed.
  • No need to store credit card details in the event file. This allows for improved compliance with the new privacy laws.
  • Savings in administration time. The money is transferred to your bank account each day so you don't have to prepare the deposit slips or go to the bank.
  • Savings on postage. All correspondence is done online.

Please Note: Registration with Secure Payment by Credit Card is currently only available through MIE Software in Australia as we use an Australian e-commerce gateway. 

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Abstract Management

Iceberg Events has a wide range of conference and administration services available which you can use in total or individually, depending on your needs.  One of the fantastic services we can assist you with is managing your abstracts.

Our online submission portal is fully complemented with Summit Event Manager - Pro, our conference and event management Software, so you know that you'll get a seamless service.

Click here to view the Iceberg Events Demonstration event website, including an online registration form and call for abstracts portal.

As the Conference Organiser, we can:

  • Set up the Speaker database, plan and manage all aspects of abstracts, papers and reviewing online.
  • Make changes to the system as required to accommodate changes in the conference or event.
  • Coordinate the Call for Papers.
  • Manage the submissions and set up the 'marking' process.
  • Liaise with the confirmed speakers and their requirements.
  • Handle the communication with rejected abstracts.
  • Organise all the audio visual equipment required for each presentation.
  • Organise any accommodation or travel requirements for the speakers.
  • Organise the production of handouts.
  • Collate all abstract and biography information for printing the conference handbook or program.

There are many benefits in letting us manage your abstracts:

  • Communicate directly with authors and reviewers through a sophisticated and easy to use bulk email facility.
  • Save significant time and money compared to manual processing.
  • Save time managing authors, reviewers, program committees and documents.
  • Data collected with Abstracts Manager can integrate with existing information systems so that all conference information is stored in one place.
  • Retain full control over the submission and reviewing process.
  • Reduce postage, printing costs and paper handling.
  • Reduce to zero the chance of making mistakes, missing deadlines and losing abstracts. 

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Conference and event applications are a great way to inform delegates prior and during the conference. Apps can be available for iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets and free for your delegates to download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.  Click here for a sample.

Features for your Conference or Event App could include:

  • The app allows you to build you event schedule, add event days and then each session within that day.
  • The application has a section to add conference information, made up of a space for free text as well as full contact information.
  • A full list of event speakers, including their bio's, picture, contact information and more.
  • Lists all of the users favourite sessions, in chronological order.
  • A section for testimonials from people who have attended previous events.
  • A full list of sponsors, placed in order of importance.
  • Feedback for each presenter or aspect of the event, and for the event overall
  • If your event has a golf day, official dinner or any other events that happen away from the conference venues, add in directions to each place and users will be directed using Google Maps
  • A section dedicated to important information such as facilities, emergency exits or anything else that is required.
  • Add in the event hashtag and it will showcase all relevant tweets in a list. Users can view, reply and tweet from within the app.

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We can also help set up your marketing with social media and online:

  • Blog
  • Twitter and Event Hashtag
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

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Graphic Design & marketing

We have a full time graphic designer who can look after your graphic design needs.

Click here to view the Iceberg Events Demonstration event website, including design examples of brochures.

Examples of event-related graphic design and marketing services we can provide you:

  • Advertisements
  • Attendance certificate
  • Conference handbook
  • Conference website branding
  • Email newsletters - template & email marketing campaign
  • Promotional postcard or A4 flyer
  • Invitations
  • Registration brochure
  • Sponsorship and/or Exhibitiion brochure
  • Conference program
  • Signage (including welcome signage, floor plan, drop banners for stage area, pull up retractable banners, lecturn signs)
  • PowerPoint title slides

Our designer can also look after non-event related work, or collateral for events that you are organising yourselves.

View our Graphic Design portfolio.

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Conference & Events Websites

One of the fantastic services that Iceberg Events can offer is to help set up your own conference or event website.

Click here to view the Iceberg Events Demonstration event website, including an online registration form and call for abstracts portal.

We can do Conference and Event Website set ups and managment for:

  • Corporate or group conferences or events
  • Association conferences
  • Franchisee conferences
  • Staff conferences or retreats
  • Government conferences or events
  • Special events, luncheons or award dinners
  • And more

There are many benefits in letting Iceberg Events set up a conference or event website for you:

  • All the details of the event (registration details, program and speaker information, venue and accommodation details, sponsor information etc) is hosted on a stand alone website.  It's a lot of information!  And it really has its own "branding".  You may not want the event details to detract from your own corporate or group website's branding or message.
  • Huge time savings on data entry - we look after the content management for you.
  • We will ensure all the photos of the speakers and sponsor logos are in the correct sizing and in a consistent format.
  • We will ensure the program is up to date.
  • We will ensure your registration details are up to date.
  • We will ensure your 'Call for Abstracts' information is up to date.
  • We will ensure that the venue and accommodation information is kept up to date.
  • Any changes will be made in a timely manner.
  • If you have your own domain name for your event, we can point it to the event website we set up for you.  Or we can organise a personalised domain name for your event.

The options of having Iceberg Events look after your conference or event website:

  • We can include the conference or event website in the event management fee.  This will include the set up of the website and content management.  There will be a standard template (placement of header banner and menu bar) but we will personalise it with your content.  To view examples, please click on any event website at:
  • If you prefer a different template, we can organise a tailored website including your own domain name.  You will have to pay more for a tailored website compared with an Iceberg Events template-designed website, but you will then be able to own that domain name and keep that website well after the event is over.
  • If you have your own domain name for your event, but want a new website, you can still use Iceberg Events to look after the setup and management of your conference or event website.  We can just organise for your domain name to redirect to your Iceberg Events template-designed website.

View our Conference and Event Websites Portfolio.

Click here to view the Iceberg Events Demonstration event website, including an online registration form and call for abstracts portal.

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