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 Jodie Parker and son Max cycling in Vietnam
 Incense Stand in Vietnam

I recently got back from 2 weeks in Vietnam - what a fantastic experience! I was lucky enough to take my six year old, Max, on an Intrepid Family Adventure Tour - I can't tell you what a fantastic time we had!

Vietnam would be a fantastic destination for rewards or incentives for really high performing staff - such an adventure! So very different from your day to day life - I love doing things like that.

We learned so much about the history of Vietnam - not just the various conflicts that have happened (and there have been many!), but the culture and food history, and entertainment and pasttimes of the people, and how they make incense, mats, and conical hats!

We travelled from north to south - being able to spend time on boats (overnight on Ha Long Bay), motorbikes, bicycles, as well as travelling by overnight train on the Reunification Express.

I had clothes made in Hoi An (something that I could get addicted to, let me tell you), and we raced through the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Special thanks to Sonny, our guide. I don't think I ever would have attempted an adventure like that with a six year old, without someone like Sonny to make things happen so smoothly!

If anyone is interested in going to Vietnam, please let me know - if only so that I can re-live some of my adventures, and prolong the holiday....

J ;-)

Posted by Jodie Parker, August 03, 2009 in AROUND THE TRAPS

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