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We offer a range of services to take the stress out of organising your association conference.
Project management
Any conference is essentially a very complex project, with a whole lot of stakeholders, and many moving parts.

Once we know what your objectives are, we can help you plan accordingly.

We are experts at working with committees to find consensus on what your conference needs to look like.

We can create the project plan for you, which includes determining timelines, budgets, and action plans.  We have regular meetings with you to make sure we are all on track – in terms of planning and in terms of budget, and we make sure that everything is executed according to the plan.

Graphic design and marketing
Creating the “look and feel” for your event is included in our management fee!  Once we have that, it can be rolled out on all of your event collateral, newsletters, and title slides.  

We can help with developing hashtags and managing social media for your event as well.

Program, abstract and speaker management
Any conference is all about the program – the content being presented is the most important part!  We have specialised software to manage the call for abstracts process. This means that you can gather the richest and most diverse content in order to create the best possible program.

Once we have confirmed that program, we will manage your presenters – making sure they are in the right place at the right time, with everything they need to give a stellar presentation.

Registration, travel and accommodation management
We can manage the registration process for your delegates, presenters and sponsors.  The registration process can include accommodation and travel management as well (we also have a licensed travel agency, Iceberg Travel).

Accommodation blocks can be negotiated for your conference to give your delegates the best possible rates.

Our travel bookings mean that we can be in control of the travel and transfers for your keynote speakers, regardless of where they are coming from.

Management of the registration process is intrinsic to managing your conference overall – it means that we know how the budget is tracking, what to say to venues and suppliers, and how the program may need to be tweaked to accommodate requirements. It is for this reason that we don’t manage conferences for when we are not managing the registration.

Venue and supplier sourcing and management
We have been managing conferences for a long time, and we have worked with a lot of venues and suppliers.  Once we know what you want to do, we can make recommendations for venues and suppliers that will suit your project and budget.  We are always trying to get the best deal for you – and our ongoing relationships with suppliers helps with that.
Websites and conference apps
Most conferences these days have a dedicated conference website to provide specific information to delegates, sponsors and presenters – for this reason, the conference website is included in our management fees. This information is constantly being updated as the program is finalised and sponsors come on board. We keep that website constantly up to date.  You can see an example website here.

Conference apps are becoming more and more popular at the event.

These encourage engagement and interaction from delegates, presenters and sponsors. We can organise and populate a conference app for you, if you require.

Sponsorship and trade management
We can create sponsorship and trade packages which complement your program and maximise the income for your conference. We will make sure that everyone adheres to their agreements and realises their benefits.  
Social functions and technical tours
Whether it is your gala dinner or a partner program, we can make recommendations for off-site events that work with your budget but also give delegates a great sense of the destination.

Many of our clients have technical tours as part of their program – often these are optional for delegates. We can manage ticketing and transport for these tours which add a practical and hands-on experience to your conference.

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Iceberg continues to meet the requirements that we have of
an event manager, then delights us as customers by regularly exceeding those requirements. Your work is professional, well planned and detailed in its internal controls. Most of all, you manage to do all of this and make it fun for us at the same time. Peter White

Convenor, Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Australia

Such a great success and we are hugely impressed at all your efforts. Much appreciated and we look forward to doing it all again another time! You are always so easy to work with, so supportive, and so proactive in your approach it really does make our job easy. I have never had such an easy time organising conferences! Rebecca Ivers

Chair, 13th Australasian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference

Everything ran smoothly – and as usual, nothing was ever too much trouble. It’s so reassuring to know that whilst it is busy on the floor chairing, presenting, meeting with delegates and planning for the next session, “everything is running smoothly on the outside”.  Professor Anthony Smith

Chair, International Successes and Failures in Telehealth Conference

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