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I am writing to express my personal thanks for your wonderful guidance and support in the recent success of the FPA Victoria State Conference.  Your involvement and direction was not only appreciated, but essential. First and foremost, we appreciated your knowledge and experience in conference organising, and your willingness to allow us to draw on your experience.  We also greatly valued your ideas and suggestions in the design, promotion and delivery of our conference, all of which added to the success of the final presentation.

For all this, it is to your enormous credit that it still remained "our" conference.  Despite relying on you heavily to guide us through step by step, we never once considered that we had surrendered control of any aspect of the conference to you.  Instead, while you provided all this guidance and direction, my committee and I felt in charge at all times, and we were seen by delegates as the organisers with support from Iceberg Events.  To find that right level of balance takes great skill, and was greatly appreciated.

The fact that we are in Melbourne, while your operation is based in Brisbane presented no barriers at all;  in fact, with the effective use of the technology available, it may even have worked better than if we were all in the same city!

At the same time, we valued the contacts and negotiation skills that you demonstrated with our venue provider and potential venues.  You were able to arrange aspects of our booking much more favourably than if we had negotiated direct.

We were most impressed with your organisation and systems that you employed to plan and to track each step of the organising process.  It gave the committee a great resource to track our planning and finances.  It also meant that anytime we had a query of you, you were able to provide the information quickly and accurately.

Also of enormous value to us was your calm and measured approach to each step of the process.  Undoubtedly, any conference organisation will have issues or unexpected challenges.  inour case, this was compounded by our lack of experience, always quickly overcome by your calm response, and suggested method of addressing the issues.  In the early days of organising our conference, your measured response to these crises made the difference, where without your support, we were likely on several occasions to have abandoned the event (thank goodness we didn't!).

Personally, I enjoyed the opportunity to have this working relationship with you.  In all my contacts with you, you have been cheerful, friendly and interested.  I know that I also speak for myfellow committee members who also valued your friendly yet professional approach.

I happily commend you and Iceberg Events to any person or organisation who is seeking the services of a quality professional conference organiser.

Phil Campbell
FPA Victoria State Conference Chair 2005

Iceberg Events provided conference management services 2002-2005.

Financial Planners Association (FPA) Victoria State Conference


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